Our Wholesale services division provide supply to thousands of independent dealers across the globe operating in the grey market (non-manufacturer authorised dealers) our network of buyers has grown aggressively over the last 6 years from a few South-East Asia dealers to a global network across four continents.


As one of the largest luxury watch market distributors globally we command massive buying power focusing on Rolex brand particularly we typically acquire stock up to 10% below market value. We provide a very transparent model for our network of dealers ensuring your business grows with ours we offer market beating rates. Our company is focused on turning over large volumes of stock on a monthly basis and delivering the lowest possible pricing for our partner dealers.


We provide a 360 service

  • Monitor stock levels via our back-office software
  • Automated stock bidding with maximum bid system
  • Invite dealers to industry events across the globe
  • Provide market analytics regionally to assist stock selection


Independent dealers looking to join our network must meet a strict criteria and support purchase orders in excess of £100,000.00 per calendar month.

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