Sack The Bank & Take Control of Your Money By Investing In…

  • Tangible Asset Backed Rolex Watches
  • Start Investing From Just £5,000
  • An Average Returns of 18.75% Per Year
  • All Profits Made Are HMRC Tax Exempt.

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“In times of political or economic uncertainty investors often look for tangible asset classes as a safe haven for their capital, & watches offer both security & bank beating returns

Andrew Shirley

There is a track record for watches being great investments

New York Times

Why Invest In Watches?

Rolex watches are a safe-stable & secure investment

You own an asset and have complete control over it

Rolex watches are liquid meaning they can be sold anywhere

You can can start from just £5,000, a small investment with huge returns

Vintage watches are exempt from Capital Gains taxs

Rolex has a deep history dating back to 1905

Rolex watches grow in value during financial turmoil

The average return has been 14.90% per year since 2005

You’re Probably Wondering…

Is this a trusted & safe investment?

The Rolex brand has been voted number 2 for the most trusted global brand, and have a history dating back to 1905.

If Rolex collapsed as a brand, their watches would increase in value due to discontinuation – Source: Forbes

What happens if there is a global financial crisis like 2008?

Rolex watches have survived 9 recessions in the UK alone, this is due to the fact that investors turn to safe tangible, asset backed commodities such as “Gold”.

Brexit does not affect the value of solid tangible investment grade watches, this is because Rolex watches are their own currency and can be traded worldwide.

What return on investment am I likely to make?

The average yearly return on Rolex watches is 14.90% since 2005, totaling 193.7% overall.

Our investors who prefer a fixed income, receive 9.84% per year, which is paid monthly at a rate of 0.82%.

What To Expect…

We will source an investment grade watch set to provide you with either an Income or Capital Growth

We will advise you on the best time to; Buy – Hold – & Sell

We will send you Monthly Independent Valuations via email & post

Expect an Armchair– Stress Free – Bespoke Service

Capital Preservation is Key – Choose Safe-Stable & Secure Bank Beating Investment Vehicles

Investment Highlights

Fixed Income Rates of 9.84% for income orientated investors

Average Capital Growth of 14.90% for capital growth investors

Watches are Low Risk Investment Vehicles

HMRC class vintage watches as capital gains TAX EXEMPT

The global market has delivered returns of 193.70% since 2005

Take Delivery of your asset or have it stored

Invest from just £5,000

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