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Core Values

Whether you are shopping online, over the phone or visiting us at our London office, at Chrononet we strive to deliver the highest standard of service and customer care. Transparency and honesty lie at the heart of our company and our in-house team of experts have the experience, knowledge and passion to help guide you through the process of choosing your dream timepiece.



Thanks to Chrononet combined years of experience in the industry, we have a trusted relationship with a global network of expert dealers, wholesalers and manufacturers. This alongside our rigorous quality control process means we only ever sell authentic pieces



All Chrononet timepieces come with a 12 month comprehensive warranty, in addition to any remaining warranty from the brand manufacturer. If through no fault of your own your watch stops working as it should, we will repair said piece in a timely manner. All watches are fully checked for authenticity and serviced before being sold.



Mechanical watches are made up of hundreds of tiny parts, many of which are in constant motion. Because of this, they’re subject to wear and tear. But with regular care, your luxury Swiss timepiece will keep ticking for years.

We recommend servicing a new watch every three to five years, even if it still seems to be in perfect working order. This is because lubricants that prevent friction and possible damage to fragile inner components break down over time and need replacing. On a less happy note, we all know that no matter how careful you are with your watch, accidents happen. Fortunately, there are very few repairs our specialist watchmakers cannot undertake.

Some repairs are time-consuming, so we will always prepare a full estimate for you before going ahead.

When servicing a mechanical watch, our watchmakers perform an exhaustive series of checks to make sure your watch returns to you in peak condition.



Entrust your luxury watch or watches to us and we will arrange a professional and independent valuation to be carried out by Chrononet. Our highly skilled and qualified valuers will provide you with a detailed description of the item to be insured as well as a written valuation.

Insuring your high value items is essential and with our certified valuation you will have the assurance that if anything is lost, damaged or stolen any insurance claim you make will be expedited quickly and without dispute.


Buy Watches

If you would like to sell your watch to Chrononet, our ‘Buy Your Watch’ service provides a quick, easy and efficient process that can be done at our London Office or online. Our in-house experts will give you honest advice on the current market and offer competitive prices that match. Selling your watch couldn’t be easier!

You can enter the details of your watch into our ‘Sell Your Watch’ form below for a quick response and online quote, including questions such as model number, brand, and the watches condition. We aim to reply to all requests within 3 working days. Our provide competitive quotes that help you get the best value when you sell your watch.

We also offer a part exchange service here at Chrononet. If you are interested in a watch from Chrononet and wish to part exchange your watch against any of the products listed on our site, please get in touch today.


Diamond Setting

Our craft embodies standards of the utmost quality. Our confidence and passion in our expertise means that we enjoy nothing more than meeting with clients to discuss ideas for diamond watch customisation.

Our team of experts include craftsman with decades of expertise — ensuring every aspect of the process is carried out to the highest of standards. A client’s experience at our boutique is very important to us and we encourage them to sit down with us and to take as much time as necessary to discuss design, ideas and to take guidance from one of our leading experts.

Our in-house diamond setter can guide you through the vast ranges of diamond clarity, qualities, cuts and even colours suitable for your requirements. Many of our clients come to us in search of something unique that will stand apart as a one off item no one else will ever acquire. Special edition custom Rolex watches and black on black Audemars are just an example of the watches we work with.

Our portfolio extends from royalty to some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, yet our outlook is to treat each client as a celebrity and work rigorously to ensure every customised piece we produce is truly a work of art. Some clients are looking for just a hint of sparkle in the form of a subtle diamond bezel, whilst others opt for a full package and require something really special, such as an entire diamond set case.




With our in house jewellery designer we can create anything your vision into real life. together we can deisgn together a personalised item of jewellery ranging from a personal engagement ring to a personal pendant or ring. fitting all designs to your budget with having the item hand made of machine made to make it special for you or a special occasion.


Our role is to bring your vision to life and create a timepiece you will cherish. therefore, every single item we produce is a priority for us. Depending on the nature of the customisation, we usually work on a 14-day turnaround time. however, if it is a custom bezel or diamond dial we are working with, this time frame can be much shorter.


Guarantee Contract

  • Chrononet’ warranty is subject to the same conditions as the brand manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Watch is still under brand manufacturer’s warranty – it will be sent directly to the address appointed by the manufacturer. Chrononet will liaise with the manufacturer on your behalf and organise the delivery to and from the manufacturer;
  • If the watch has no remaining brand manufacturer’s warranty, but the Chrononet warrany has not expired – Chrononet will authorise the repairs with an approved repairer or our appointed watchmaker;
  • Watch has no warranties left – Chrononet will provide a quote for repairs;
  • Any repairs authorised by Chrononet will be supplemented by an additional 12-month warranty;
  • Only mechanical and manufacturing faults are covered by the Chrononet guarantee;
  • Any modification, additions or replacements of components which have not been authorised by the manufacturer or Chrononet will invalidate your warranty;
  • The warranty is in addition to your statutory and common law rights;
  • Exclusions – the following are not covered by the Chrononet guarantee:
    • General wear and tear
    • Damage caused by accident, mishandling or misuse
    • Wear of the watch strap
    • Water damage caused by submersion into water inconsistent with the brand manufacturer’s guidelines
    • Damage to the glass component
    • Theft or loss of the watch

Speak to a Chrononet adviser on 0800 0141 556 about watch investment. Alternatively, please enter your details below and we’ll be in touch.

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